04212021HAO0211SPRINGFIELD – A new law co-sponsored by State Senator Rachelle Aud Crowe (D-Glen Carbon) requires state agencies and institutions to purchase only American and Illinois flags that have been manufactured in the U.S.

“As prominent symbols of respect for our state and country, Illinois and American flags demonstrate a special meaning while on display at government institutions,” Crowe said. “By requiring agencies to purchase locally manufactured flags, our state can express its appreciation for labor and working families while showing our patriotism.”

The legislation would change the Flag Display Act to no longer allow state institutions and agencies to purchase American and Illinois flags from manufacturers outside of the U.S. Under the Flag Display Act, flags are designated to be necessary supplies for institution and agency budgets.

“To prioritize quality, new flags are regularly purchased,” Crowe said. “By supporting local products, Illinois is working to ensure jobs stay within our country.”

The law, originally House Bill 605, was signed by the governor and takes effect Jan. 1, 2022.

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04222021CM0366MARYVILLE – Fitch Ratings has revised its outlook on Illinois’ General Obligation bonds from negative to positive, and State Senators Christopher Belt (D-Swansea) and Rachelle Aud Crowe (D-Glen Carbon) are commending the upgrade as a direct result of responsible spending. 

“Over recent years, Illinois has made strides toward fiscal responsibility by including cost-saving initiatives in our budget, such as reducing the bill backlog,” Crowe said. “While our state continues to progress to a more financially stable position, this outlook upgrade ensures we are on a path to a brighter future.”

Fitch’s is the third ratings agency to upgrade the state’s forecast, in addition to Standard and Poor’s, and Moody’s.

According to Fitch’s analysis, the state budget for the upcoming fiscal year provides Illinois a stable foundation for further financial improvement. Recent debt payments and a reduction of nearly a billion dollars in spending since 2020—without sacrificing funding for pensions, K-12 or higher education—suggest responsible budget management and movement toward fiscal stability.

“I am thrilled to see Fitch Ratings has lifted their outlook on our state’s finances,” Belt said. “This outlook shows we are making responsible economic policy decisions and moving forward as a state from the pandemic.” 

Fitch’s full analysis is available here.

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cropped 2SPRINGFIELD – In an attempt to prevent residents from being misled by phone scams, State Senator Rachelle Crowe (D-Glen Carbon) supported an initiative in the Senate to outlaw scam call operators from disguising their identity by having a false telephone number show up on caller ID. 

“Scammers use deceitful measures to persuade residents into giving them personal information,” Crowe said. “By prohibiting automated solicitors from falsifying caller ID, we can help protect residents from falling victim to telephone scams.”

In Illinois, the Telephone Solicitations Act requires a live operator to state his or her name, the organization they are representing, and the purpose for the call. The law also prohibits a solicitor from manipulating caller ID, commonly known as spoofing. However, current state law does not address when the caller is not a live operator.

To protect consumers, the initiative requires the operator of any soliciting telephone call to immediately state the affiliated business and the purpose of the call, and to confirm consent from the receiver.

“It’s shameful for scammers to use dishonest tactics to intentionally seek out vulnerable residents,” Crowe said. “Call authentication is critical to protect residents from identity fraud and theft.”

Senate Bill 2225 passed the Senate and moves for further deliberation in the House.

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Thursday, Nov. 19th is the World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse

World Child Abuse Prevention Day FBMARYVILLE - To highlight the international efforts to prevent child endangerment, State Senator Rachelle Crowe (D-Glen Carbon) is reminding residents of the warning signs that a child is being subjected to abuse.

“Although many of us are only familiar with children in our immediate households due to the pandemic’s social distancing guidelines, I want to remind parents, seniors, teachers and other concerned adults to look out for the signs of child maltreatment,” Crowe said. “Education is one of our strongest tools to prevent a child from being abused.”

Twenty years ago, on Nov. 19, 2000, the Women's World Summit Foundation launched the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse to bring community awareness to the issue and encourage local, state and federal governments to take action to prevent child abuse.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), emotional abuse is one of the most common and most harmful forms of child maltreatment and can have a lifelong impact. Examples of emotional abuse include making fun of a child, name calling, always finding fault, using harsh words to criticize behavior and using fear to control behavior.

Visit the APA website for more information and tips for identifying and preventing child abuse.

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