05092019CM0362SPRINGFIELD – An initiative to give people stricter consequences that are convicted of assault or battery in a church, synagogue, mosque or other place of worship advanced by State Senator Rachelle Crowe was signed by Gov. Pritzker last week.

“Attacks on people in vulnerable settings, especially in their place of worship are intolerable,” Crowe said. “Our world has gotten used to living in fear, but your church is one place you should feel safe.”

Crowe, a Democrat from Glen Carbon, led the charge behind adding an aggravating factor to sentencing considerations for those who commit assault or battery when committed in religious settings. Aggravating factors can influence a court’s decision to include an imprisoning sentence or increase the chance for a more severe sentence.

This initiative is a continuance of Senator Crowe’s predecessor, former State Senator Bill Haine’s work. His legislation was in response to a traumatic shooting at the First Baptist Church in Maryville in 2009, in which Rev. Fred Winters succumbed to his injuries.

“When I introduced this measure, it aimed to ensure those who commit this serious crime will face consequences for their actions,” said former State Senator Bill Haine. “I am proud of Sen. Crowe and Rep. Mayfield for their determination in getting this passed for the people of Illinois.”

“I hope this legislation can encourage the violence in our communities and places of worship to cease to exist,” said Cindy Winters, widow of Rev. Winters. “I am extremely grateful to Sen. Crowe and the Illinois legislature for passing this legislation in Fred’s memory.

Crowe’s legislation also states that aggravated battery is a Class 1 felony when the person causes great harm or permanent disability to a victim engaged in prayer or religious service.

House Bill 38 will go into effect Jan. 1, 2020.


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08122019LB0058SPRINGFIELD – In response to her district’s opioid crisis, State Senator Rachelle Crowe (D-Glen Carbon) co-sponsored an initiative to expand Illinois’ medical cannabis program. It was signed into law this week.

“By expanding access to medicinal cannabis, we are giving those with an opioid prescription another option to manage their pain,” Crowe said. “Opioids are highly addictive when abused, and this program will offer qualifying individuals an alternative.”

Earlier this year, the Illinois Department of Public Health successfully launched the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program to give patients access to medical cannabis in exchange for their opioid prescription.

The legislation also expands access to the medicinal cannabis program. It gives nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants the authority to certify a patient’s eligibility for medicinal cannabis. Currently, only doctors have this authority.

The initiative also adds 12 qualifying debilitating medical conditions, bringing the total number of conditions to 54.

Senate Bill 2023 is effective Jan. 1, 2020

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08112019CM0331SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Rachelle Crowe (D-Glen Carbon) was recognized at a ceremony at the Illinois State Fair today for championing the Elder Abuse Task Force.

“Elder abuse was one heinous crime that always stuck with me during my time as a prosecutor,” Crowe said. “So when I joined the Senate this year, I made it a priority to do something about it.”

The priorities of the Elder Abuse Task Force are to study and report recommendations on senior mistreatment and protective services and laws.

According to the Illinois Department on Aging, abuse takes many forms and, in most cases, victims are subjected to more than one type of mistreatment. Elder abuse can include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; confinement; passive neglect; willful deprivation; or financial exploitation.

“Just as I proudly stood against elder abuse in my previous profession, I will stand against it as a member of this task force,” Crowe said. “I look forward to working directly to protect our elders.”

Illinois is the ninth state to create an elder abuse working group.

The task force’s first report is due Jan. 1, 2021.

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IMG 1976SPRINGFIELD – A measure to require insurance companies to provide heart and lung monitors to children advanced by State Senator Rachelle Crowe was signed by Gov. Pritzker today.

This legislation expands health coverage on cardiopulmonary monitors for minors who have had complications in the past and remain at a higher risk for other problems.

“Families who cannot afford heart or lung monitors for their children deserve this relief from their insurance company,” Crowe said.

The measure was brought to Crowe by Mary Cope, a resident of Wood River who lost her infant granddaughter, Marlie, after the child was denied a heart monitor. The legislation is named Marlie’s Law in her memory.

“The heartache my family experiences every day is something I hope this legislation can prevent another family from ever knowing,” Cope said.

“This legislation ensures no child will be denied a life-saving device again,” Crowe said.

House Bill 3471 will go into effect in Illinois on Jan. 1, 2020.

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